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In order to create your customer account, please follow the steps below:

  • Click on "account icon", to the right of the menu
  • Click on "create an account"
  • Enter your name (first name, last name), your email address and your password
  • Click on "register"

Your account is now created and you will receive an account creation confirmation email.

modify personal information

You can modify your personal information from your account at any time. To do so, please follow the steps below :

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  • click on the "view addresses" button under "account details".
  • here you can modify your current address or add a new one
  • after any modification/addition, click on "update address" or "add address".

If you wish to change your first or last name, please contact us:

  • By filling in the form: contact
  • By phone: (+41).22.880.00.07

A member of the Grangettes Switzerland team will contact you shortly.

change password/forgot password

In order to change or reset your password, please follow the procedure below:

  • Click on "account" to the right of the menu
  • Click "reset password"

You will receive an email with reset instructions.

deletion of customer account

In order to delete your customer account, please write to us on: contact

In the "subject" field, please note "deleting my customer account". Your request will be processed within 48 hours.

newsletter: benefits, registration and unsubscribe

The Grangettes Switzerland newsletter gives you access to several exclusive information:

  • Unique offers
  • Latest blog posts (columns, guides, interviews, news)
  • In-depth explanations of products, recipes, values, etc.

You can register in two ways:

  1. In "click here": enter your email address then click on the arrow.
  2. By entering your email address in the footer field provided for this purpose "NEWSLETTER", then clicking on the arrow.

You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time by clicking "unsubscribe", at the very bottom of any newsletter you have received from us.

composition of products

The complete list of ingredients and active principles is indicated in the information of each product. Simply click on the product you are interested in from the home page - shop

We pay all our attention to the composition of the formulas. We exclude from the recipes any ingredient that does not meet our criteria.

List of excluded components:

  • phenoxyethanol
  • parabens
  • silicones
  • PEGs (polyethylene glycol)
  • irritants
  • allergens
  • comedogenic ingredients
  • petroleum derivatives
  • endocrine disruptors
  • pollutants
  • animal products (non-vegan)

Thus, all Grangettes Switzerland products:

  • Get the maximum rating on all cosmetic review platforms: Yuka, Clean Beauty, Inci Beauty, EWG, FRC
  • Suitable for children
  • Suitable for pregnant women (except eye gel, which contains caffeine)
quality mark

All our products have the following labels:

  • PETA Vegan & Cruelty free
  • Swissmade
suitable for children and pregnant women

All our products are perfectly suited to children and pregnant women, with the exception of the eye contour gel (which contains caffeine), as they result from a drastic exclusion of any controversial ingredient.

vegan and cruelty to animals

Our products are 100% vegan and guaranteed without testing on animals. Our labelling PETA Vegan ' Cruelty Free attests to this, being the strictest label in this field.


The ingredients selected for our products are non-comedogenic. This means that they do not cause excessive accumulation of sebum in the pores of the skin, which is at the origin of what is commonly called "black spots".

product testing

Our products are subjected to several tests, carried out on humans or in-vitro by an independent laboratory:

  • Dermatological tests
  • Eye tests
  • Efficiency tests
product manufacturing frequency

We have chosen to produce small quantities in a frequent way, to ensure maximum freshness of products, but also to be able to guarantee 100% clean recipes according to our commitments and the latest published scientific studies.

the duration of the conversation

All our products have a PAO (Period After Opening), ranging from 9 to 18 months. This information is at the back of the case and bottles.

In order to remember when your product expires, we suggest that you note the opening date under the bottle or use a smartphone app (e.g. beautycase), which will allow you to record the product's opening date and receive alerts at the time of expiry.

preservation of products

Our products are tested in the laboratory to ensure their optimal conservation, by exposing them for a long time:

  • In the light
  • At different atmospheric pressures
  • At high temperatures
  • to bacteria

In addition, we only use aluminum and glass bottles, materials that offer the best protection against oxidation induced by light, temperature and air.

protection offered by packaging

The glass and aluminum bottles used for our products offer the best protection. These materials avoid oxidation in the most optimal way: light, temperature, oxygen. Thus, the products retain all their freshness and properties during their shelf life.

packaging materials

We use the following recyclable materials for our packaging:

  • Glass bottles
  • Aluminum bottles
  • Cardboard cases and boxes
  • Pumps and caps made of polypropylene (PP) or polyethylene (PE)

For more information, please consult the page "recycling"

All our materials are recyclable. Pumps/caps can be unscrewed and recycled separately from glass/aluminum bottles and cardboard cases.

origin of packaging

Whenever possible, Grangettes Switzerland works with Swiss companies. This is also the case for our packaging.

In the absence of Swiss suppliers, we favor quality and geographical proximity:

  • Aluminum bottles: Switzerland
  • Glass bottles: Italy
  • Cardboard boxes: Switzerland
  • Polyethylene (PE) and Polypropylene (PP) pumps: Italy

For more information, please refer to the page "recycling".

order process

In order to place an order, please follow these steps:

  • From Page shop, add the items you want to buy to your cart
  • Once you have made your selection, click on the basket, to the right of the menu
  • Click on "basket", to view everything you have added to it or on "checkout" to go directly to the payment process
  • You will then have to fill in your delivery address if this is not already done automatically. Then click "continue to shipping"
  • This step allows you to choose the shipping method. Then click on "continue to payment"
  • Here, you will need to choose your preferred payment method, as well as your billing address, which may be the same or different from your delivery address. You can then click the "remember me" checkbox, so that your data will be saved for your next visit. Finally, click on "verify order"
  • You will now be redirected to the selected payment portal, where you can complete your order

Upon payment, your order will be validated and you will receive an order confirmation email.

order and shipping confirmation

Upon your order paid and validated, you will immediately receive an order confirmation by email.

When our logistics team has received your order, processed it and shipped it, you will receive a shipping confirmation email, which will contain the tracking number of the carrier's shipment.

change the delivery address after placing an order

To change the delivery address or cancel your order, please contact us:

By filling in the form: contact
By telephone: (+41).22.880.00.07
As orders are processed very quickly by our logistics team, please contact us as soon as possible.

If you have already received the shipment confirmation email, this means that your order has already been handed over to the carrier, and that it will unfortunately be impossible for us to change the address or cancel the order.

You will, however, be able to contact the carrier with your tracking number. In most cases, shipments can then be re-addressed elsewhere.

You can also request a refund at any time, using our returns request platform.

For more information on this subject, please consult the "orders" section: returns and refunds.


All your invoices can be downloaded from your customer account.

Please click "account icon" to the right of the menu.

Under the "order history" section, select the line corresponding to the invoice you are looking for then click on "download".

You can repeat an order already made, from the "orders" interface.


Please find below the prices, delivery times and conditions for free delivery :

  • Method : Colissimo
  • Price : 5.90 eur
  • Delivery time : 24h-48h
  • Free delivery from : 75 eur

As the delivery service is provided by an external company, Grangettes Switzerland cannot be held responsible for late deliveries.


Grangettes Switzerland offers discounts on the total value of your basket depending on the quantity of products purchased :

  • From 3 products purchased: 5% discount
  • From 4 products purchased: 7% discount
  • From 5 products purchased: 10% discount

These discounts cannot be combined with other codes offering percentage discounts on the total amount. However, they can be combined with free delivery.

countries delivered

Grangettes Switzerland delivers to two markets: Switzerland and the European Union.

Before making your purchase, please check that you are on the store corresponding to your place of delivery :

customs fees

As the Swiss store delivers only in Switzerland, and the European store only in Europe, deliveries are not subject to customs duties.

maximum package size

We only use two package sizes:

  • 22cm x 15cm x 15cm
  • 20cm x 30cm x 15cm

These parcel sizes fit most standard letterboxes.

If your order is large, several packages may be sent to you.

If your mailbox is too small, or if you are not present, a delivery notice will be issued to you so that you can pick up your package at your post office, or have the delivery person come back later.

order tracking

When your order is shipped, you receive a shipping confirmation email, in which is mentioned the tracking code (tracking number) of the package at the carrier.

In order to track your shipment, click the tracking number in the sending confirmation email that you received to be automatically redirected to the carrier's site, in order to track your parcel.

You can also use this code directly on the carrier's website you selected.

You can follow your order in real time.

my package is indicated as "delivered" but I have not received it

If the status indicates that the order is delivered, but the package has not arrived, please contact us:

  • By completing the form: contact
  • By phone: (+41).22.880.00.07

A member of the Grangettes Switzerland team will contact you shortly.

my parcel is indicated as "return to sender"

If the status says "return to sender", it may mean that:

  • The delivery address is incorrect
  • The package was damaged during transport

If so, please contact us:

  • By completing the form: contact
  • By phone: (+41).22.880.00.07

A member of the Grangettes Switzerland team will contact you shortly.

returns and refunds

If a product is not to your liking, you may return it within 20 calendar days of receipt of the order.

You will receive a full refund within 15 days of receipt of the returned goods.

All you have to do is go to our return requests platform and enter your order number and e-mail address. You can then simply follow the procedure and complete your returns request.

You can also access the returns link from your customer account, or from any customer invoice.

The cost of the return is at your expense, except in the case where the product(s) is/are defective, incorrect or damaged, Grangettes Switzerland will email the User a prepaid return label in PDF format.

We do not offer exchanges.

affiliation & distribution
become an ambassador

We offer a platform for people wishing to become independent ambassadors Grangettes Switzerland. It allows you to generate income, based on your turnover, from the first month of activity.

If you are interested in it, please contact us :

  • By completing the form: contact
  • By phone: (+41).22.880.00.07

A member of the Grangettes Switzerland team will quickly contact you.

become a reseller / distributor

If you wish to become a dealer of the brand Grangettes Switzerland, please contact us :

  • By completing the form: contact
  • By phone: (+41).22.880.00.07

A member of the Grangettes Switzerland team will contact you shortly.

other questions
join our team

If you are interested in integrating the team Grangettes Switzerland, please contact us by filling in the form: contact.

A member of the Grangettes Switzerland team will quickly contact you.

rgpd and data protection policy

For any questions about our privacy or data protection policy, please visit the page "privacy".

You can also contact us by filling in the form : contact.

A member of the Grangettes Switzerland team will contact you shortly.

media outlets

If you are a press body and want to propose a partnership, please contact us by filling in the form: contact.

A member of the Grangettes Switzerland team will contact you shortly.