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Matricaria Chamomile, also known as German chamomile, is appreciated for its anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties. 


It is a powerful ally in the treatment of skin irritations, including eczema, itching, redness and inflammation.


So, in what cosmetics can we find it? In what form ? How to benefit from its many virtues? 

Jérôme Bessard
Jérôme Bessard
Co-director @ Grangettes Switzerland
summary of the article

The different types of Chamomile

German chamomile or pineappleweed

Chamomile, Matricaria chamomilla var recutita, is native to Europe and the Orient, and grows wild on soils poor in limestone, along roadsides and fields. Also called "Little Chamomile", "Wild Chamomile" or even "True Chamomile", it is cultivated all over the world, particularly in the Middle East, India, and South America.


Camomile Camomile ideally requires a temperate to continental climate with exposure to the sun. It is an annual herbaceous plant which has a very branched, erect stem. Camomile can grow up to 50 centimeters high. Its stem bears thick, fleshy leaves, and its fragrant flowers are arranged on conical receptacles at the end of the stems.


German Chamomile essential oil is one of the most famous in cases of skin allergies, dermatosis or itching because it contains chamazulene, alpha-bisabolol and oxide of alpha-bisabolol, which have powerful anti-inflammatory effects. Its blue color comes from the chamazulene molecule.





The noble or Roman chamomile

Noble or Roman Chamomile and smaller than its cousin German Chamomile. It has a fluffy appearance and a sweet apple smell. Roman Chamomile essential oil is composed of 80% of molecules from the Ester family, angelates:

  • Isobutyl angelate, which has anti-stress, analgesic and anti-spasmodic properties;
  • Isoamlyl angelate and methyllalyl angelate, which have anxiolytic and central nervous system calming properties.

  • The numerous benefits of chamomile

    The health benefits

    The two Chamomiles, Noble Chamomile or Roman Chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile) and German Chamomile or Camomile Chamomile (Matricaria recutita), have many virtues.


    On the health side, they soothe the digestive sphere, bloating, dyspepsia. Chamomile also relieves stomach aches and heartburn thanks to its antispasmodic properties.


    It has sedative properties, and therefore provides an anti-depression action. It also makes it easier to fall asleep, soothes your nights, and allows you to avoid waking up at night.


    Chamomile relieves headaches and painful joints, aches and sore muscles.


    Used as an oil, chamomile soothes sunburn and insect bites.


    Thanks to its estrogen mimetic action, Chamomile can help to support the discomforts associated with menopause.





    Its cosmetic virtues

    Chamomile is also used in skin and hair care. Indeed, it has an anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic action, and helps to relieve skin rashes and allergic reactions.


    It also has a healing action on small wounds and skin irritations.


    Used as an essential oil, it soothes reactive skin, skin prone to imperfections and redness .


    Used in the form of hydrosol, it soothes and decongests the eyes. If your eyes are red, irritated, or tired from screens, chamomile will be your ally.


    Finally, Chamomile prevents the yellowing of white hair.





    What type of skin is chamomile suitable for?

    Since it is rich in flavonoids, and particularly apigenin, which are antioxidant molecules, chamomile calms irritations and can even treat redness of the skin.


    Anti-inflammatory and softening, it is particularly recommended for sensitive skin, because it calms feelings of tightness or discomfort.


    How to use chamomile?

    Chamomile in infusion and decoction

    To benefit from the benefits of chamomile, you can use it as a herbal tea: let 1 tablespoon of dried flowers infuse in 200 ml of boiling water, for around ten minutes. To combat digestive problems, drink a cup several times a day. If you use it against your sleep disorders, drink a cup twenty minutes before bed.


    You can also use chamomile as a decoction: to do this, boil 100 g of dried flowers in 1 liter of water, for twenty minutes.


    Chamomile in olfactotherapy

    chamomile is used in oflactotherapy to soothe the central nervous system, fight against stress, calm anxiety attacks and anxiety. If you are a very emotional person, it can help you calm down.


    Blue chamomile in hydrosol

    Known as purifying and toning, chamomile is widely used in natural make-up removers suitable for dry skin. Chamomile hydrosol is used as a compress around the eyes, to reduce dark circles and depuff the eyelids.


    Blue chamomile in essential oil

    German Chamomile essential oil is traditionally used for skin allergies, rosacea, rosacea, itching, eczema, difficult digestion and painful periods.


    It is used to prepare treatments for dry skin prone to discomfort or redness.





    What are the contraindications?

    The essential oil of Roman Chamomile and German Chamomile are both not recommended during the first 3 months of pregnancy, in children under 3 years old and during breastfeeding.


    If you are under anticoagulant treatment, Roman Chamomile essential oil should be used with caution. Before using, ask your healthcare professional for advice.


    German Chamomile essential oil is not recommended in the event of a history of hormone-dependent cancers.


    Be careful when using essential oils: always respect the recommended dosages. Carry out a test application of your preparation, in the crease of the elbow, at least 48 hours before using it.


    Grangettes and the Blue Chamomile

    At Grangettes , we have chosen to use Chamomile in our eye contour gel , for its anti-dark circles powers . It acts on wrinkles, bags and dark circles, and visibly reduces the signs of fatigue and sagging of the skin.

    Blue chamomile floral water (matricaria recutita) combines with caffeine and escin. These ingredients target these specific issues, providing a fresher, brighter look.


    Ready to enjoy the benefits of Blue Chamomile?


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