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The green tea is more than just a beverage. In Asia, it is even considered a pillar of natural medicine, and the Asian population has been using its benefits for centuries. Scientific studies have consolidated its beneficial effects for the body, and green tea is now widely used in cosmetics.


So, what are its benefits for the skin? In which products can we find it? We guide you step by step towards this tea that is good for you!

Laure-Anne Graf
Laure-Anne Graf
Co-director @ Grangettes Switzerland
summary of the article

Green tea: an ally for health

Let's talk about black tea or of green tea, it is the same plant: the Camellia Chinese. It is a camellia native to China. The difference between these two teas actually comes from their manufacturing process. Indeed, in order to obtain a green tea, the leaves are heated very quickly after harvest, which stops their natural oxidation. For black tea, the leaves are allowed to oxidize. Therefore, green tea has antioxidants almost intact, as well as a lower content of caffeine : this is the reason why we lend him so much medicinal virtues.



The benefits of green tea on the skin

Green tea in cosmetics improves skin firmness

The tea green contains polyphenols and flavonoids, which give it powerful virtues antioxidants. These compounds make it possible to effectively combat skin aging. Furthermore, the tannins contained in the green tea contribute to preserving the skin tone.

It makes your skin more radiant

THE green tea tannins cleanse the skin and absorb impurities accumulated on your epidermis during the day. Your skin is depolluted, rid of toxins: it is more radiant, more radiant, thanks to the benefits anti-inflammatory green tea !

Green tea in cosmetics makes your skin smoother

Green tea makes your smoother skin because it has properties antibacterial and astringent. It purifies your epidermis: it is an ideal active ingredient for tightening the pores of combination to oily skin and regulating their sebum production and black dots.




The green tea in cosmetics is also ideal for treating small imperfections. Its effect softener And soothing inhibits certain irritating enzymes. If you have the damaged skin and weakened, it’s a key ingredient!

It moisturizes your skin

The green tea preserves regeneration and hydrating your body. These moisturizing substances penetrate deep into the skin, and stimulate its regeneration. They also accelerate circulation, to give a smoothed appearance to the skin.

What are the active ingredients present in green tea?

Tea contains antioxidants as well as numerous polyphenols. Its content can vary depending on several factors, such as the climate, the season, the variety of tea, its freshness or even the infusion time. Tea also contains vitamins, mainly vitamin C, as well as nearly 40 minerals (potassium and phosphorus are the main ones).


But then, why green tea in particular is it used in cosmetics? Well because not all teas have the same composition, and therefore do not have the same benefits for your skin. Indeed, it is the tannin content that makes green tea so special. Red tea, for example, contains very little. Black tea, on the other hand, offers fewer polyphenols than other teas. If you want to benefit from the many benefits of tea on the skin, you will have understood that it is indeed green tea, rich in polyphenols, that you should turn to!



In which cosmetic products can we find green tea?

Green tea can be found in many cosmetic products, such as spray anti fatigue for the face. If you have tired skin or a dull complexion, this type of mist will refresh your face to revitalize it!


THE green tea anti-blemish mists are also great allies for people who have pimples on their face. You can spray it (even on your makeup) at any time of the day to refresh your skin and tighten your pores.


Furthermore, the exfoliating masks for the face green tea are valuable allies. Exfoliation of the skin gets rid of bacteria, impurities and dead cells accumulated on the surface of the epidermis, to make the complexion smoother and luminous. With the antioxidant properties of green tea, face masks revive your skin and eliminate all traces of pollution, for healthier, clearer skin!


You can also enjoy the freshness of green tea through the deodorants, where the hair products. Indeed, green tea brings a boost of shine to dull and tired hair. It is found in hair sprays, shampoos and conditioners to give your hair a boost!

Green tea in Grangettes treatments

At the house of Grangettes Switzerland, we chose to use the green tea in our makeup remover lotion, for its virtues toning. This makeup remover is your best ally to rid your face of impurities and pollution that accumulate on the face during the day. In the evening, this express leave-in makeup remover treatment for face and eyes cleanses, hydrates and soothes your skin.

make-up cleansing face lotion
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