Grangettes Switzerland is a brand of swiss cosmetics combining sensory, efficiency and ethics.

This article includes the following questions:

  • Which team behind the brand?
  • What is the history of the company?
  • What links exist with Hirslanden Clinique des Grangettes private hospital?

The Grangettes Clinic

Located in Switzerland at the gates of Geneva since 1933, the reputation of the Clinique des Grangettes has been on several axes: quality of care, modern infrastructure, respect and empathy for its patients.

In addition to the medical care provided, the institution established new units of care in 1957 with the help of nursing nuns. In particular, they developed decoctions to treat the skin of children affected by the gale during the Second War.

In 2012, the clinic’s laboratories created an anti-aging range for the face intended for the treatment of patients, based on micro-fragmented hyaluronic acid technology.

In 2014, two years after the release of the brand and following the success of the face range, Grangettes Genève unveils a product line for the body that complements its offer.

In 2018, cosmetic revenues are further improved. During the partial resale of the Clinique des Grangettes to the Hirslanden group, Grangettes Genève becomes an independent entity that remains deeply linked to the history of the establishment.

Between 2018 and 2020, Grangettes Genève began a repositioning: modernization of visual identity, more efficient recipes, redefinition of targets, distribution methods and logistics network.

Grangettes Switzerland sees the day. A sharp internal development leads to the release of the new range of its products to May 2022.

The birth of Grangettes Switzerland

A dynamic team takes over the management of the brand

The renewal of the brand was initiated by three co-managers:

  • Laure-Anne Graf: co-manager, graduate of the University of Lausanne in business administration and management
  • Laurent Troillet: co-manager, graduate of the Lausanne hotel school in international hospitality management
  • Jérôme Bessard: co-manager, graduate of the Lausanne hotel school in international hospitality management

Personal and professional affinities

The Grangettes Switzerland team is made up of family members (Laure-Anne and Jérôme are cousins ​​and grew up together) and former colleagues who have become friends (Laurent and Jérôme),

in 2018, Laure-Anne is director at Grangettes Geneva and offers Jérôme to join her in the team. Sharing the same values ​​and both having an entrepreneurial spirit, the idea of ​​jointly developing a project comes naturally to them. Laurent, who previously worked with Jérôme in a start-up in the fast-casual catering sector, joined them in 2018 to bring his vision to the future of the brand.

Their training at the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne is reflected in their desire to think of a company around the customer and to offer them the best possible service. Laurent and Jérôme very quickly understand the similarities between nutrition and cosmetic formulations and put their experience at the service of the project.

A common vision

Grangettes Genève becoming an independent brand, Laure-Anne, Jérôme and Laurent began its repositioning at the end of 2018.

They want the brand to meet the modern requirements of the market while remaining rooted in the philosophical and historical lineage of the clinic.

They imagine products that meet the current and future needs of customers: pleasure, quality, transparency, reliability, respect for living beings, environmental protection and affordable price.

Mission and vision are big challenges, but their research indicates that there is a place in the market for a brand that brings all of these together.

They understand that the brand will be digital and will have to include as few intermediaries as possible to make their project a reality.

Cosmetics Grangettes Switzerland

The three founders know the value of a team and the importance of choosing the right partners. They enter into a partnership with a Swiss expert in cosmetology, who understands and knows how to translate the objectives of the project to the new products in the range. The result exceeded the team's expectations:

  • Effective formulations composed of healthy ingredients and which obtain the maximum marks on analysis platforms such as Yuka (100/100 for all products), INCI Beauty, Mirelle, etc.
  • Sensoriality and organoleptics are mastered: pleasant and balanced textures, delicate and discreet smell, ease of use and packaging with a modern design.
  • The products are designed in an ecological way: recyclable packaging (glass and aluminum), products without elements harmful to the environment (silicones, microplastics, etc.)
  • The products are vegan and labeled PETA Vegan & Cruelty Free.
  • The brand is local: it uses Swiss expertise that respects labor law
  • The products are top-of-the-range and at affordable prices: by eliminating as many intermediaries as possible, Grangettes manages to offer prices that correspond to the real value of the product, without unnecessary added value.

Grangettes Switzerland in the future

Grangettes Switzerland is a young and modern brand with a long-term vision.

Over the months, it plans to work on new recipes tailored to the specific needs of other customers, and distribute its products without intermediary, especially in Europe and the United States.

It also plans to propose products in large hospital groups.

Grangettes Switzerland is a high-quality brand that offers innovative expertise and a very high-value-added approach to consumers of cosmetic care, keeping faithful to the values of its founders: humanity, respect for the environment, respect for animals and quality of products.

It combines the ancestral know-how of nuns to the scientific modernity of cosmetology.