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For responsible consumption, find out how to choose a ecological cosmetic packaging. Glass, aluminum, recyclable materials: here are the criteria to follow!


Today, the Consumption habits continue to evolve. Customers have a real ecological awareness, which is part of their daily lives, particularly when they have to make their everyday purchases. And these concerns environmental also follow them in the purchases of their beauty products.


So how do you find a ecological cosmetic packaging ? How to choose products that take care of your health and the planet? Recycled bottles, zero waste cosmetics, eco-design, abolition of plastics, cardboard, aluminum, glass : in this article, focus on eco-responsible packaging!

Laure-Anne Graf
Laure-Anne Graf
Co-director @ Grangettes Switzerland
summary of the article

The different types of packaging in the field of cosmetology


If you know us, you already know: plastic is not an option for Grangettes Switzerland. However, it has multiple advantages: lightness, flexibility, hygiene, solidity, low production costs. However, it has important consequences on the environmental pollution, and even if there is recycling, the latter not being infinite, it will one day end up being burned or released into the environment.

Green plastic or green polyethylene (Green PE)

Today there is a type of plastic that is biodegradable under certain conditions (also called “vegetable plastic”) made from natural elements such as corn or sugar cane. There manufacturing of Green PE produces 75% CO2 less than for traditional plastic. Its production is therefore much more respectful of the environment and its use has multiple advantages. However, it remains important to ensure that production does not come from agricultural areas (corn, sugar cane) from deforestation. For this type of packaging, you should therefore choose your suppliers with the greatest care. It is also important to consider that the Green PE is not compostable. To be able to be recycled, it must be treated in a special processing subsidiary, otherwise it will be incinerated.


Even though it is heavier and can break, the glass presents multiple advantages: manufacturing little polluting and from natural materials, ease of cleaning, easy reuse, easy and infinite recycling. In addition, glass is not porous and therefore does not allow oxygen to pass through. It is therefore a material of choice to protect the cream from oxidation. If the glass is painted, it also protects against light oxidation.




L’aluminium is an excellent material for maintaining the quality of a cosmetic formulation. It is a material non-porous and opaque, thus providing the best protection against oxidation created by UV rays, humidity, temperature changes or oxygen. It also protects against germs. It is unbreakable and infinitely recyclable, in addition to being the most abundant metal on Earth. It is also light and easily moldable.


Zero waste

The zero-waste cosmetics is a segment of the cosmetics market that includes products without packaging or almost. These are generally solid cosmetic products, offered in bulk or in a small cardboard or metal packaging 100% recyclable, even recycled.

To gain their solid form, these cosmetics are made without water, and come in different shapes that resemble a pebble. Solid deodorant, solid shampoo, bar soap or even solid toothpaste are cosmetic products that are finding more and more fans around the world.

Practical, easy to transport and lightweight, these ecological cosmetic packaging drastically reduce the carbon footprint of the product.

Refillable packaging

To respect the environment, certain brands have chosen products refillable cosmetics. The idea is simple: develop a bottle or flask which can be reused and recharged in store or by returning it to the brand.


How to choose ecological cosmetic packaging?

To find a ecological cosmetic packaging, several tips will guide you. First of all, you can choose packaging made with environmentally friendly materials, which are recyclables : glass and aluminum are, for example, infinitely recyclable materials, unlike plastic.

You can also opt for packaging designed with new innovative materials, from agricultural or food industries: this is particularly the case for bamboo, coconut, corn starch and even reed fibers.

Also make sure that the product is designed in such a way as to limit the expenditure of energy and materials, and which requires little transport.

In order to choose ecological cosmetic packaging, you can also turn to products that can be reused, upcycled or recycled, and whose life cycle is infinite!

In order to support a eco-design approach, another option is also followed by more and more brands: the reduction in packaging weight. This is the case for certain shower gels, shampoos or deodorants, which exist in compressed format. This solution gives rise to better optimized packaging, which makes it possible to limit the environmental impact of transport and distribution of products!

Grangettes Switzerland: a clean charter duly respected

From formulation to production, we ensure that we respect our charte clean : labeling “Peta Animal Test Free and Vegan”, excellent rating on Yuka and other cosmetic analysis platforms, respect for the environment and ethics.

Just like many other criteria, the choice of packaging for our products is the result of extensive consideration of recycling, product conservation, practicality, eco-responsibility and aesthetics.


The choice of Grangettes Switzerland for ecological cosmetic packaging

Grangettes Switzerland is a reliable and conscientious Swiss cosmetics brand. After considering the different options, our brand focused on the use of glass and aluminum to offer our customers the best quality by opting for:

  • materials that offer better protection against oxidation formulations, for superior quality;
  • subjects infinitely recyclable ;
  • an elegant design, delicacy to the touch and the sobriety of glass and aluminum;
  • materials stable and non-porous, which avoid transfers of odor or material (such as plastic components) in formulations.

We considered the option of “Green PE”, that is to say plastics from natural materials. However, the production locations are mainly in Brazil and we have chosen to supply ourselves with local materials. In addition, Green PE recycling subsidiaries are very rare and the product ends up incinerated most of the time, which makes it less ecologically interesting.

Ready to choose your cosmetic products with ecological packaging ?

The choice of our packaging is a real strategic choice, just like the concentration of active ingredients in our formulations.

We are happy and proud to be able to share it with you!


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