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Ectoine is a powerful active ingredient of natural origin, widely used in cosmetics. It is an ingredient that stimulates hydration of the skin, and which offers protective and restorative properties.


So, what are the benefits of this cosmetic active ingredient? For which skin is it ideal? In which products can we find it? Zoom in on this molecule that skin loves!



Jérôme Bessard
Jérôme Bessard
Co-director @ Grangettes Switzerland
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What is L-ectoine?

Ectoine belongs to the amino acid family. It is an active ingredient present naturally in the skin, which acts as a protector of the skin barrier against external aggressions, such as cold and dry air, pollution...


Ectoine binds around water molecules present in the skin, which helps keep hydration in the epidermis.




What skin types is ectoine ideal for?

Ectoine is an moisturizing active ingredient ideal for dry skin, sensitive skin, or skin subject to significant climatic changes.


It is also an ideal ingredient for smoothing rough, flaky skin.


Mature skin will also be able to appreciate the benefits of ectoine, as it acts on fine lines and wrinkles by providing long-term hydration.

The benefits of ectoine on the skin

Protection against photoaging

Ectoine is an active ingredient that protects the skin from photoaging. In fact, it not only protects the skin barrier from blue light but also from UVA and UVB. How ? By increasing levels of antioxidant enzymes. The latter have the role of trapping free radicals produced by UVA rays in particular. This process limits the effects linked to oxidative stress such as the alteration of dermis fibers.




The anti-inflammatory properties of ectoine

Ectoine in cosmetics reduces the inflammatory symptoms of atopic dermatitis or even psoriasis. This is why it is used as an ingredient in many skin care products.


Better elasticity

Ectoine improves skin quality. It helps limit water loss and keeps it perfectly hydrated. A real plus for preserving the elasticity of the epidermis.


What ingredients does ectoine work with to protect your skin?

Just like hyaluronic acid , widely used in cosmetics, ectoine combines very well with many other ingredients.

If your skin is fragile , damaged, sensitive, you must provide it with comfort. Emollients, such as vegetable oils, squalane , or even shea butter will then combine with ectoine to provide you with indisputable anti-inflammatory properties.


Combined with ceramides, ectoine effectively strengthens the barrier function of the epidermis.


Finally, used with vitamin C , this active ingredient will provide you with powerful antioxidant actions.




Which cosmetic treatments contain ectoine?

Hair care

Ectoine is found in many hair care products such as nourishing serums and mousses. This ingredient promotes hydration of dry and sensitive scalps, and prevents the formation of dandruff, because it strengthens the skin's natural barrier.


Sun care

Ectoine is capable of acting against photoaging, that is to say skin aging caused by UV rays. It is therefore quite natural that we find this ingredient in the formulation of sun creams. It works in combination with UV filters to protect you from the sun.


Anti-aging treatments

This active ingredient is found in anti-aging creams , which slow down skin aging, because ectoin strengthens the protection of the skin against the impact of UVA rays. This molecule increases the levels of antioxidant enzymes, which act to capture free radicals. This process helps limit the alteration of collagen and elastin fibers , and therefore slows down skin aging .


Soothing care

Ectoine is found in soothing facial creams, due to its anti-inflammatory properties. This ingredient calms feelings of discomfort, and combines with oils to deeply nourish the skin and prevent dryness.


Moisturizing care

Ectoine is used in moisturizing skin care, especially in facial creams or serums. Used in synergy with butters and oils, it strengthens the skin barrier and retains moisture on the epidermis. It thus softens dry skin , because it collects water molecules around it, establishing hydrogen bonds.


Treatment for dry eyes

Ectoine is a natural anti-inflammatory that has significant moisturizing properties: if you have dry eyes, ectoine eye drops refresh, hydrate, repair and neutralize irritation.

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What are the precautions regarding the use of ectoine in cosmetics?

Ectoine is a natural molecule that presents no risk in cosmetics. Its use in care does not present any incompatibility with other ingredients. It is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive.


No side effects were observed during its skin application. In very rare cases, some people experienced slight tingling and redness during the studies, which quickly disappeared.


No studies have been performed on pregnant and lactating women. In this case, it is therefore recommended to consult your doctor before using products containing ectoine.



Grangettes and ectoine

At Grangettes Switzerland, we find ectoine for its anti-pollution actions in the soothing face cream . Since we are committed to offering products with a 100% clean formulation, this ingredient is associated with active ingredients that take care of you:

  • Vitamin B12 acts as a sebum regulator;
  • Hyaluronic acid, squalane, Allantoin and betaine act as moisturizing active ingredients;
  • Bisabolol works to soothe your skin.
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